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World of Warcraft

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#  Title IN OUT
Eternal WoW Professional Server

4776 1830
Blood-WoW Funserver (255lvl) TBC

High Damage TBC Fun Server,Free Startgear,Custom Items,Custom Instances,Custom NPC,Custom T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6,T7,T8 sets.[Battlegrounds working][Lag-free][2.4.3 version][Great Uptime][Vote and be Reward
166 134
Roleplay | Heaven

True ALL-GM/RP realm with unique phasing and roleplaying system. All commands are unlocked. Ability to make your own NPCs/items at control panel.
157 102
4 Senzaii
Privater WoW WotLK Server (3.3.5a) Aktives GM und Dev Team, nette Spieler und gute Community
85 67
5 WoW Craft 255 High fun realm
It's a Server where you can get over 30m hp and do over 15m damage. It's a FrostEmu server and it's really fun to play!
48 64
WoWRivals.Net - 255 EPIC Wotlk Funserver

WoWRivals.Net is RivalsNetwork's first server.We are a 255 funserver with epic content such as:UNIQUE Leveling System;UNIQUE Item Upgrading System;FREE Transmogrification;VERY BALANCED CLASSES;HEROIC
14 51
7 Vientos de Sangre
Server WoW 3.3.5a Rates x5 (x10 promotion 2 weeks) Gms on Line 24/7 || || Icc, Ulduar, all works 98 per cent Register now and fun with friends.!
12 10
8 Justice-WoW 2.4.3 Fun Server Massive PvP
[New Server WoW 2.4.3 PVP-Zone] - System Vps Free Lag - [Mission Group] - Great-Armor - [Damage-Super-Massive-PvP] - [Level-70-80]-[Arenas 2v2] - Enabled Battles - Custom Bosses - [Zone-VIP]
11 11

Best PVP Server 2013 - WOW:Mists Of Pandaria 5.4, 115 Level Cap, Very Good Rates, New Races, Custom Items,Tier 1 to Tier 16, No Lags. Join us! IT'S FREE!!
6 16
Blackrock-Gaming • 3.3.5a • 2 Realms

• Midrate Blizzlike • 255 Leveling Fun Realm • Very little lag and downtime • Professional, hardworking and social staff• Events daily • 99 of spells and features working • No OP items •
3 19
11 Excalibur.dieGamer 3.3.5a
Deutscher PVE-Blizzlikeserver 3.3.5a. Freundliches, erfahrenes Team. Teamspeak 3. Stabiler Root mit ausreichend Resourcen sucht Euch. Wir schenken Euch einen 80ger + Startpacket.
3 8
12 Olympus Wow
Ever wanted to join a STABLE server with helpful and kind GM's. Well here is your chance!!! Visit the site above to see what we are made of. We have high levling rates and a level cap of 240
1 4
13 Realms of Warcraft
2.4.3 to 5.0.4 fun blizzlike instant 80 or 85. We have them all. Many realms in 1 list! Over 3000 Custom Quests. 1500 Custom Items. Custom Patch gives 5 new maps unavailable anywhere else!
1 16
14 Equilibrium-wow
If you are looking for a server with caring GMs, then I would like to welcome you to Equilibrium It's a new server, but we scripted it well My offer for the first 50 players with 5 days playtime is a
1 2
15 Azure-WoW
Custom Leveling 1-60, Quest Phasing, 6 scripted new dungeons, new items, daily quests, PvP, areans, raids, loads of end game content.
1 5
16 GameInformer
Just started, very busy making a good site but join and join the forums ( Announce your server in forums )
1 6
17 RPG-Exploiters
Full bodied exploit, exploiting todays hottest games, including WoW, GW, EQ2, SWG, and more. Get Syndrome and BWH lite here, we host emulator software.
0 4
18 Eternal Warriors
Friendly legit gaming community involved in Diablo 2 LOD and World of Warcraft
0 3
19 Warcraft Zone - Private Server Heaven
Warcraft Help :: Private Server Lists :: Private Server Creation & Connection Guides :: Forums :: Teamspeak :: Friendly Community :: Stop In And Say Hi!
0 5
20 Crimes-WoW 2.4.3 Fun Server
Crimes-WoW 2.4.3 Fun Server
0 8
21 X Source
World of Warcraft -= Private Server =- custom everything | 300% XP Rate | 150% Gold Rate | fast connection | friendly GM's | nice community | experienced customization team | fun server | tournaments
0 6
22 DSKY WoW server
DesTinAtion SkyLinE free WoW server
0 4
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0 3
24 Killers-WoW
Hier ist ein sehr guter und schφner FunServer!!!!
0 5
25 DOceans deutscher WoW Server
Deutscher WoW Server mit deutschen Quests und Items
0 3
26 World of Destruction
World of Destruction - Polish WoW Fan Site // Polish Server Burning Crusade 2.0.12
0 3
27 Tons of Free World of Warcraft Guides
Free guides for all Blizzard games, especially World of Warcaft, But there are Diablo and starcraft guides too.
0 2
0 6
29 Acronis WOW Server
The Evolution WOW server with a new face Acronis-The-Game-Clan
0 2
30 World of Warcraft Empire
The World of Warcraft Empire is all about giving you the best World of Warcraft resources from Cheats / Hacks / Bots / Movies / Servers / Guides / and lots more!
0 2
31 ..::BlizzNightmare::..
Privater deutscher WoW Server, guter Ping, XP/Drop Rate high, nette Community, fδhige GMs, AQ und Hyjal im Aufbau, Patch 1.8.0, 1.9.4 und 1.10
0 4
32 Hungate
This is the best server which is bizzlike. ! :D
0 2
33 EverLast WoW
An English server. 1.8.0 High Rates. Friendly GM's. Fun server!
0 5
34 WoW-Elite
Wow-Elite is your website for all your hacks, bots, exploits, guides, downloads and more! Why miss out? Its Free!
0 3
35 The Deceived Realm
P4 Server :: Fast Rates :: Friendly Staff :: Good Loots :: Max Level 75 :: Custom Teleporters :: Strong Community :: Teamspeak Server
0 2
Facilitates online trading and auctions between MMOG players. Gold – Platinum = Gil – Accounts- Items – More! 100% free listings. Don’t miss it!
0 2
37 Free WoW Server
Wir sind der einzigste WoW Server der fast ohne bugs ist also schnell zu uns es gibt auch belohnunden wenn ihr neue user bringt!!
0 4
38 Buy WoW Gold
Buy and sell WoW Gold. We help you find the best deals. Blog about wow item trading.
0 2
39 World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft
0 2
40 (―`·.ΈΈ.-> Obscurum Potestas
*Die erborgene Macht*
0 2
41 deleter's server
this wow server is one of the best and you can play with the 1.11.1hack patch. for more help go at forum in
0 2
42 Nrgia Romania
Super tare 1.8.x 1.9.x 1.10.0 hack
0 2
43 Totally FREE World of Warcraft Guides
This site has totally FREE guides that include gold, grinding, powerleveling, and more. Updated weekly! Join our mailing list to get a chance to win a 60-day Prepaid Game Card totally FREE!
0 3
44 NewBalanceWoW
0 2
45 100% Free World of Warcraft Gold!
Run by real gamers! Non-commercial site! 10,000G FREE/month!
0 4
46 World of Warcraft Resource Site
The only site you will need to bookmark for ALL your World of Warcraft needs!
0 2
47 mZot online MMORPG auction site
mZot online auction is a totally free auction site to buy sell World of Warcraft accounts, gold, items,programs, guides, and anything else World of Warcraft related. Check us out today!
0 2
48 Moonstrider
Moonstrider is a World of Warcraft Private server, that can hold up to 1000 users at once, we have a custom repack made by AbyssGames, all quest and spells work thanks to AbyssGames and the Moonstride
0 2
49 WoW Greece
The only and best greek wow server!xp:funserver join now!
0 5
50 DarkZone::World Of Warcraft
Join us on the brand new server. The server supports client versions 1.8.0-1.9.4. The Exp is 200%, the drops are good and Battlegrounds work. Its a funserver with tier 3 items, nice GM\'s and An ANTI C
0 3
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