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Risk your Life

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#  Title IN OUT
RYL2 NORTHPOLE : The Return Of Northpole

RYL 2 NORTHPOLE - Hardcap Server - Giant Gems for upgrading - 130 + New NPCs - Great unique Snow Experience - Major Texture changes - Active GM Team - Join the ultimate battle between Akkan and Human
511 157
RYL2 Avenger

Free To Play|24/7 Online|Medium Rate|Since 2008|Newbie quest|Balance Server|Auto Farm|Terminator Mask/Pilot Helm|Alastor Item|New Point System||Join Us Today!||
13 15
Ryl Revenge

New Path of The Emperor MMorpg Server. Guild wars, statue wars, new Bosses, new mobs,new crafting system, new skill LVL 5 All Metals and TOB drop ! JOIN NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 16

RYL Private Server Since 2011
2 0
5 RYL2 Inextremi Softcap
Now Open - 10/3/2011. USA HOST, No LAG. HIGH XP, MEDIUM DROPS, GFV FARM SPOT, level 110 MAX, Custom Items, Textures to be added soon, Come Join us today!! =)
1 8
6 Risk your Life Atlantis FreeServer
Risk your LIfe Free Server, Come and try it out we have no Lags Server located in Europe, a nice Staff,all working, no bugs, much Events, EXP Rate 50x Drop Rate 60x
0 7
7 RYL2PVP Free Private Server
This is a great server with a great community and GM's. Rates are 150x/150x, many events, and NO LAG, No bugs, Guild Wars, and new items and skills coming soon. P.S. please put ~Kite~ as referrer.
0 5
8 Server Underground PvP and Mid Exp
Exp 70x PVP 10x MId
0 2
9 RYL2 beta
rates during beta 300x exp and 600x drop
0 3
10 Webcargo
2500% Exp Drop rate 90% (no lags) friendly GM
0 3
11 Obsesion RyL Server (PvP)
New Server Risk Your Life (PvP) High - New Items - New Events -
0 4
12 Game Station
Game Station providing best freeware games in twon with dooom!!!
0 2
13 Johannes
im the best asd asdas asd asdas asd asd as
0 2
14 Risk Your Life Europe
Many Event 300x Exp Rate And 500x Drop Rate More Fun Can\'t Be Found!!!
0 3
15 Risk Attack - Free online Risk WAR!
Risk attack is a online multiplayer war game. this game is much similar to strategic board game. Any one who have internet connection can play this game. It is totally free.
0 3
El Mejor Servidor De RYL Latino Te Esperamos Visitanos
0 3
17 Society RYL
High Exp & Drop high rate of C and B items on the BlackMarket and Reliable Host so come and join!!
0 4
18 ryl2
Great server Great gm\'s and nice friendly comunity
0 3
19 Madd-Gamers RYL2 private server
High rates, high drops. The server is current;y up and running so join now and play.
0 2
0 2
21 MAPLE LEAF SERVER (Maple Story)
0 2
22 Ryl - Andromeda
You are irritated of these servers that will count very lag?He does not obtain to evolve no way?He never has money to buy those excellent teams? Then he comes to try drop and xp of 99999x
0 3
23 Ryl2 Andromeda
You are irritated of these servers that will count lag very? He does not obtain to evolve no way? He never has money to buy those excellent teams? Then he comes to try drop and xp of 99999x Without la
0 4
24 ryl2 incident
Also want a RYL2 where u can enchance your weapon till max damage? join us
0 2
25 Shadow RYL
AG XP rate;100x, Caernarvon XP Rate: 120x, DC Rate: 70x, the rest of the information can be found on sRYL site. the connection is fast, stable and reliable, just try it out if you don\'t believe
0 4
26 RYL FREE SEX PRIVATE SERVER You can enchan you ite
Defender , Warrior , Assassin , Archer , Sorcerer , Enchanter , Cleric , Priest , Gunner , Attacker , Templar , Life Orc , Rune Orc , Shadow Orc
0 3
27 RYL FREE VIRUS SERVER think before join^^
0 3
you can enchanter ur item until max in this server all yiterni and TOB are sell in NPC exp x100 gold x15
0 2
29 Nuclear Ryl
We are a server with a high xp and drop rate and fun and friendly gms. We are still waiting on more players for wipe and full start... There is soon to be 2 servers on pvp only and one for lvling ect
0 4
30 RYLUnderground/RYLUnderground2
High rate/drops. This server has many people, prob over 50000 people play a day. Great server, there will always be tons of people on, like the official RYL server. Great/Best server alive.
0 3
this server is very good for players that love high rates dont look to the rate that wrote in the server it is false the rate of the server i maximum !!!!!!enjoy with your frinds in best private ryl s
0 2
32 Ryl MaDD
want pvp ..and upgrading ..less farming?..join us no lag 99% of the time server Online .! join us !!
0 2
33 WoRM RYL Server
55x Exp Rates And Drop Rates are 10x New server so we need to get the ball rolling! Enjoy Everyone! For more info on connecting go to
0 2
34 Offical WoRMClan Risk Your Life
x50 xp & drop rates Enhanced gameplay and great current playing community
0 2
35 Nuclear RYL2
Free Risk Your Life 2 server 24/7 Version 1600, Low exp rates for those longterm players. Friendly GM's. Join our community as we grow together!
0 3
36 Ryl2Reunion
Free Risk Your Life 2 server 24/7 Version IU, Medium exp...Less Lag...
0 4
only website in spanish! .. all game in english!
0 3
38 Ryl Atlantis
RYL 1 Server High exp and drop 180 Stats arms,new 198 208 stats weapons bosses drop gallets,gm make event every week,Lvl 3 books in shop, Got big pvp in arena 30 people Come join
0 3
39 N-Age Liberty 2021
N-Age Online Rebirth (Fully English,7/24 Dedicated Server)
0 2
40 Ryl
Risk your life Fantasy
0 2
41 vitalizeRYL2 Private Server
[(50x/50x) rates] [100mbit, Quad Core Server] [Great, Experienced GMs]
0 2
42 Ryl2Fantasy
Ryl Fantasy New Boss
0 4
43 Ryl2Fantasy
Risk your life Fantasy
0 2
44 Risk your life FantasyX
Come Join have New Boos
0 3
45 Risk your life FantasyX
Come Join have New Boos
0 2
46 TheCrystalRo
Come Join This RYL Crystal
0 2
47 ryl S>stone and my 150dex gun arm Damage 616~658...who want pls pm me[CASH] Only
0 2
48 Vitalize RYL2
Vitalize RYL2 1 Of The Newest Servers Around Exp 75% and Drop Rate 50% Come Join our Growing Community Teleporter To Certain Areas Added B+ At Black Market Come Join Us Today
0 3
49 [RYL1] PvP server..
COME COME...VERY HIGH rate server..less lag..need more playe
0 2
50 R.Y.L Atlantis
High rate server. Alot of PvP. Welcome to try it out. Cheating = IP ban
0 3
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