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Ultima Online

Scripts, Free Private Servers, Macros, Free Shards, Guilds

#  Title IN OUT

Now in English. New world, items and classes. AMAZING!!!
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UO Evolution [Dedicated Server]

[ML/SE/SA/UW] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 3 years! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting,
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Zuluhotel is the one of the most popular Shards that made a name around the world. The distinctive feature of our project is that we target towards the advanced MMORPG development such as a tightly ba
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Brought to you by Disco Stu! The BEST Pre-Aos server out there! Dedicated, growing playerbase! Come play the best! Dedicated fiber T3 connection! Active Factions, Custom Dungeons, Custom Crafting!
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5 The Chronicles Of Aresan
A Role-Playing Shard For The Ages! Free Houses To The First Group Of People To Sign Up! PKing Limited To Felluca, Come And Be Apart Of It....
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6 Bellas Shard
300 Stat Cap, 1000 Skill Cap, AoS Hybrid
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7 Xzandra's Dream
We invite you to come join our world, and enjoy your stay with us. We are a RPG/PVP/PVM shard with 300stat/1000skill caps, operating on 5 fully spawned facets. Our ultimate crafting system, quests, mi
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Age Of Darkstone

AoS - Custom Art, Towns, and much more. Adult staff and fun atmosphere!
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Howling Moon

Skill Cap Per Skill 500, StatCap 1500, PvM and PvP, Several Custom Quests, Duel System and Tons More!
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10 Terra UO
New map! New monsters! New scripts.
0 0
11 The Lost Realms
Lost Realms is a small, friendly POL 95 shard, looking to expand a bit without loosing the comfortable, home feeling. In addition to seeking new adult players, we are looking for a creative scriptor
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0 0
13 Forgotten Lore Shard RPG Brasileiro !
Mapa próprio, jogadores concientes, rpg obrigatorio e fiscalizado, sistemas originais e staff presente.[Fase teste online] Criação ACC on! Join US :D
0 1
14 Zulu Hotel America
Bringing back the good old days of Zulu Hotel
0 0
15 Mendonis - Eine neue Hoffnung
Anders und erfrischend, neu, nicht altmodisch bietet Mendonis eine Welt, die noch ganz am Anfang ihrer Geschichte steht.
0 0
16 Critical Mass UO
TUS/51a PvP on Sphere 56b... Alot of new stuff added... Come today and get free GM Magery and 50 tactics.. Skill transfers Too!!!
0 0
17 UO Freeshard TheHiddenPlace
Eine neue Welt sichere dir deinen Platz
0 0
18 Free Online Flash Games
Free online flash games. Over 2700 games to play.Shooting games, action games, addiction games, adult games, puzzle games, racing games, shooting games, doom, mario, football, basketball, chess,casino
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19 Sinders UO Shard
New Aos Server. New combat system, Uniques, Auction, Player events, new houseing and much more.
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20 MAPLE LEAF SERVER (Maple Story)
0 0
21 InfoSurf
InfoSurf - Traffic for FREE!
0 0
22 Terra Mystica
German Ultima Online Roleplay Freeshard
0 0
23 Svr World
pvp,pvm,no skill cap,big casino and lots of quests custom monster and armor/weapons
0 0
24 UO Son Doruk Nokta
Dunyada bir ilk
0 1
25 Oskom
Portal which connects two different servers, create your own empire with lands and castles,everyday updates, do not stand aside,join!
0 0
26 Nueva Era
Juego de Rol, 6 tipos de razas. Increibles mapas y monstruos temibles, visita un nuevo mundo lleno de sorpresas y con un ambiente calido y familiar
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Black Aftermath is a free turn-based massive multiplayer online strategy game for those who want to reign supreme amongst their fellow criminals by dominating the streets of their city.
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28 Light World Story
Light World Story is a free Russian Ultima Online shard, offering Renaissance. Unique Scripts, PVP, No Skill Cap, Artefacts, Tournaments, Quests and more
0 0
29 Slayer's Realm
Old school magery shard, no regs., levelling system, everyday quests,lots of rares,lots of fun,checkit out, Brand new server
0 0
30 Fantasy Realms
RunUO2.0 We welcome any and all players young and old .....we have a 300 stat capp and a 1500 skill capp .... we have 5 fully spawned faucets.....
0 0
0 0
0 1
good server come all join us
0 0
34 Rise to power
Uo Shard PvP Oriented
0 0
35 Aude Sapere
RunUO2.0 custom shard we welcome any and all players.We have a 300 stat capand 1500 skill cap. 5fully spawned facets. custom hues,factions,pvp,custom houses,mobs,items also alot of quests. Come join u
0 0
36 my name is zet
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37 evden eve nakliye
evden eve nakliye
0 0
38 Wireplay Lothlorien
5+ years experience. Diverse playerbase, a shard for all. Balanced PvP system, Runic weapons, Custom houses and craftables, Dedicated Staff, Unique events.
0 0
39 Alantis
0 0
40 Terra Firma
The only hsard you'll ever need.
0 0
41 Ultima Online
New toplist - quality sites and good traffic. Apply your site today, it's quick and easy!
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42 Neverside
New shard, start with 7x GM skills and full stats. UOR without trammel, fast skill and stat gain, veteran rewards, mounts, factions, regular staff-run events, and much more!
0 0
43 Obsidian Shard
Friendly RP/PvM/and fierce PvP. But towns are safe. A Totally Unique world. Unparalleled quality
0 2
44 Bleeding Hollow
Sphere Shard running a custom map with unique scripts PVP/PVM/PK welcome.
0 1
45 The Darkside Shard (TDS)
8+ Years Running | Home of Uniques | Custom Map | New Items & Monsters | Daily Events | Tons of New Craftables & Skills | Mount Bonus's | Guild War's | Come Join Us | Where Quality Matters
0 2
46 Exploits R Us - Ultima Online Cheats
Ultima Online Cheats Ultima Online Guides and UO Gold
0 1
47 Motoi - Der etwas andere Funshard
Ein Ultima Online Funshard
0 1
48 Current Online World
Fun for all with an easy twist, All skills up to 220 (with powerscrolls). 375 stat cap (with statscrolls). Several quests. Up to Five houses per account. RunUO 2.0 Lots of craftables. and custom items
0 1
49 Unforgiven Lands - Hardcore PvP + RP
Sphere51a Srv start w/ GM Swords/Mage/100 Each Stat! No Total Skill Cap! 100 Mbit Line! Zero Downtime! Auto Create! Daily Events! NOS/XUO/INX Play Style. Nauo accounts Active! UOA/Injection Allowed!
0 2
50 Unreal UO
POL96. ZH3 Inspired. AutoAccount. PVP Ranking, Classe Systems. 14 Ranks. 6 Classes. Capture the Flag. Colorwars. 37 Ores. 24 Logs. 18 Hides. 68 Magic Prefix/Suffixes with over 4,000+ Types of magical
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