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Online Games, Forums, Crime games

#  Title IN OUT
Mafia Returns - The Game!

Will you cajole, negotiate and sweet talk your way to the top? Or will you seize power and blackmail the local Capo? The action is yours. The reaction is not.
2098 558
Mafia Block

Take it from the Don to the streets in your quest to be the toughest mafioso on the block!
27 16

This is a free web based Massive Multiplayer Online Game, based on the Real Mob Life called
20 9
4 Operation Mafia
Operation Mafia is a massive multiplayer online game! You are a Mafia who start with nothing, You have to pass through difficult tasks to become a ruthless mafia.
13 12
The Mob Life

Very fun and NEW MMORPG Mafia style game ! We are growing at a rapid pace so join now and get a headstart on all the players. It is FREE and you can win REAL cash jackpot even if you are a non-support
7 15
Eternal Wars

Massive MMORPG Game! Gain Million levels, explore Million locations, Solve quests, Defeat monsters for gold/items, Buy weaponry/armor, Chat/Trade with over 30000 friendly online players and Much more!
3 6
Elite Avengers

Join for FREE to see why this text-based (MMORPG) game is one of the most addictive online role playing gangster/mafia games (RPG) on the web today! Commit crimes, steal cars (GTA), rob other players,
1 6

This is no ordinary Mafia Game. In you are playing the role of a mobster in real-time. The object is to build your strength, intimidation, accuracy, experience, power, and other mobster
0 6
Crime World

Join the ranks of the mafia and make your way through the streets on your way to becoming the Ultimate Mob Boss. Sign up and use Jay Da Wop Gomezabino as a referral and get 2.5 million to start.
0 4

RPG Browser game , rule the streets watch ya backs--- Cash prizes Every round, new members Everyday, come n join the fun !!!
0 3
11 TheMobsterLife
Do you think you got what it takes, to start from Empty-suit and work your way up to become a real Godfather? If so sign up today!
0 4
12 Free games club become the ultimate night club own
Free games club is the newest turn based text game on the planet, the highest turn rate of any game and the highest prize money. Every Week, Take over a city and rule the wolrd,
0 0
13 Online Donz
Online Donz! is an online RPG role play games which has start with the help of Ash, Urbanlife as a text based RPG game which you start off as a gangster with no respect.
0 3
14 (-__-)Camorra World (-__-)
Free online RPG mafia site, do crimes and GTA, and make your way to the top
0 1
15 Gangsters Paradise
MMPG Mafia Game
0 2
16 Gangsters Paradise
Text based Mafia Game
0 1
17 The MobstersDen
Come join the mafia
0 3
18 MainStreetMafia
Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game incorporating all elements of the mafia life.
0 3
19 Blackaftermath
A Text Based Mafia Game A Text Based Game Massive-Multiplayer Game
0 0
20 blackaftermath a Text Based Game
Black Aftermath is a free turn-based massive multiplayer online
0 0
21 vastunderworld
Welcome to the Underworld Online! This is a free massively multiplayer mafia game.
0 0
22 Typical Mafia
New online Mafia Game With Daily Updates
0 2
23 Gang Nation!
This is a NEW mafia game! Work yourself up to street legend! Kill people! Steal cars! Do crimes and buy Casinos or Factories! This is the game you want if you wanna kick some asses!
0 4
24 comunidad gta csn samp 2 server!
server nš1
0 0
25 Legendary Dons
Legendary Dons is a text base RPG You start as a low rank with not much money youu do crimes to gain rank and money The staff are nice helpful people!
0 1
26 MAPLE LEAF SERVER (Maple Story)
0 0
27 Original Gangster - Win $1000!
Think you're the next Al Capone? Join Original Gangster now! Over 10000 players! Win $1000 a week, up to $4000 a month!
0 0
28 Thugs-Incorporated
A great multiplayer online mafia game with many upcoming features! Join now!
0 0
29 Mafia Don
It Is Great You Start Off As Ex Enforcer Then Do Crimes And GTA And Rank Up
0 1
30 Death-Match
It's Great There Is About 13 Ranks The First One Is Really Easy And It Gets Harder And Harder. You Crimes And Stuff.
0 0
31 Streetmaffia
come and join the reallive of the maffia
0 1
32 ..:: Deluccio - Online Mafia Game ::..
Deluccio !! Always wanted to be a gangster ?! Play Deluccio And you\'ll Be It
0 1
33 Trumobster
Mafia/Mobster bassed game
0 1
34 The Loyal Mafia
You Join And They No Retuning Back In To The Mafia!
0 1
35 Mafia Boss World
The game you always wanted to try, no is the chance. join and get 10 points and 10mil for 27-01.07 to 31-02.07
0 1
36 Death-Match
It is one of the fastest growing text based mafia games on the internet. You rank from Tramp all the way to Godfather. You can do missions, Own property's and many more. Why not come and check it out.
0 1
37 Operation Mafia
Operation Mafia is an online gaming community where people can meet and enjoy their gaming life as a gangster.
0 1
38 LongDarkWalk
Long Dark Walk is the ultimate in browser based mafia role-play gaming. No maxing rounds, capped rounds, prizes for the best \\\\
0 1
39 Global Gangsters
One of the webs top mafia games!
0 0
40 Death-Match
The best ever text based mafia game in the universe. First you start off as a package boy then rank to godfather. IF YOU WANT A REALLY GOOD MAFIA GAME HERE IS THE ONE.
0 0
41 Gangster-Mafia
New Mafia Game online come and join in you get free 10 points.
0 2
42 The Streets Of New York
The best text based mafia game
0 1
0 0
44 Earth Online
Take the role of a Civilization's Leader and lead your Country, people, and Government to victory in a fast Online Strategy Game filled with competion to become a Super Power. You will be using Politi
0 1
45 Vastunderworld
Welcome to the Underworld Online! This is a free massively multiplayer mafia game.
0 1
46 New World Mafia
highly addictive mafia game in beta testing
0 0
47 real mafia
game of gangsters lol
0 2
make mayhem with this amazing mafia game and get energy, strength and defense to rule the streets
0 1
49 Midnight-Mafia
It Is One Of The Greatest Online Text Based Mafia Game. Start Off A Low Rank And Rank Up High Own Casino's
0 2
50 Gangster Zone
Gangsterzone is a text based multiplayer game. You will be granted a character and you will need to increase your level by gaining experience from robs. After that you will ca become a gang leader
0 2
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